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High Performance 600-hp Mining Crawler Bulldozer with Parker Hydraulics

Today, we proudly introduce our latest product: the 600-horsepower bulldozer.

It boasts a powerful 612 horsepower engine, a 70-ton operating weight, and core hydraulic components from Parker.

It features a 360-degree panoramic view, flexible pilot control, excellent maneuverability, and a luxurious cab that ensures driver comfort.

  • Model GTY600
  • Engine Model Cummins QSK19-C604
  • Rated power 450/1800 kw / r/min
  • Max.torque 3019/1300(N.m/rpm)
  • Operating weight 66.7 Ton
  • Dimension(no ripper) 7650*4700*4530(mm)
  • Grounding length 3850 (mm)
  • Ground pressure 0.1465(MPa)
  • Blade capacity 18.5m³
  • Bulldozer shovel(WxH) 4700*2350mm
  • Blade max lifting height 1660mm
  • Blade max digging depth 715mm

Our high-power products, including excavators, motor graders, wheel bulldozers, and crawler bulldozers, are sold worldwide and have extensive customer cases in coal mines, gold mines, iron mines, etc. We provide complete solutions to cope with various complex climates and working conditions globally.

crawler bulldozers

Specially developed for high-altitude areas, the German Webasto heater and integrated seat heating significantly enhance the machine's adaptability to extremely cold environments.

German Webasto heater and integrated seat

We bring advanced technology to this machine, with a high-power Cummins electronic control engine that improves work efficiency. The high-capacity intelligent fan not only provides excellent cooling but can also reverse for dust removal.

a high-power Cummins electronic control engine


It is huge but flexible. The working device operation adopts pilot control technology, with single-handle speed and direction control, quickly and efficiently achieving speed and direction control.

The 360-degree panoramic monitoring system provides the driver with a full 360-degree view, eliminating any blind spots. The K-type floating undercarriage suspension system and segmented sealed lubricated tracks reduce machine vibration and extend the walking system's service life.

This steel giant is reliable, with a box-type structure at the front frame, cast steel balance beam, open rear axle, and a bulldozer blade supported by five cast steel brackets.

In terms of maintenance, the Lincoln centralized lubrication system from the USA greatly enhances maintenance convenience, effectively ensuring the machine's service life. The core components of the whole machine adopt a modular design, making disassembly and maintenance easy. The body is also equipped with an automatic ripper pin puller.


supported by a global parts service network and an experienced team of overseas service engineers, ensuring worry-free after-sales service.

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