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Versatile 735T Motor Grader: Powerful and Reliable

The 735T Motor Grader is a formidable machine designed for heavy-duty tasks. With an impressive operating weight of 28,000kg and a rated output of 268kW, it offers exceptional power and performance. Powered by a reliable Cummins QSM11-C360 engine, it ensures reliability and efficiency in operation.

    Product Feature

    Its single-handle electro-hydraulic controlled power-shift transmission with 6 forward and 3 reverse shifts makes operation effortless. Enhanced stability and traction are guaranteed with a hydraulic lock and auto lock/unlock NO-SPIN differential. The ideal axle load allocation provides excellent stability, especially when cutting hard surfaces. Its efficient hydraulic system enables every part to be fully utilized, while the box-typed frame and advanced transmission enable it to tackle heavy-duty work with ease. With a flexible blade suspension system and articulated frame, it offers a wide working range, making it suitable for various applications.

    Product video

    Product detail diagram


    Product Specification

    Overall Dimension
    1 Length 12500mm
    2 Width 3300mm
    3 Height(To the top of the cab)() 3700mm
    4 Wheel base 7760mm
    5 Tread 2650mm
    6 Min. turning radius 9000mm
    Main Technical Specification
    1 Operating weight 28000kg
    2 Blade length 4920mm
    3 Blade height 695mm
    4 Blade width 25mm
    5 Max. lift above ground 515mm
    6 Max. grading depth 735mm
    7 Max. shoulder reach outside rear tire 2260mm(L/1950mmR
    8 Traveling speed(Km/h)6 forward and 3 reverse

    (1) forward 5.4/8.2/12.7/19.3/27.5/41 km/h
    (2) reverse 5.4/12.7/27.5 km/h
    Diesel engine
    1 Model Cummins QSM11-C360
    2 Type EFI,turbocharger,air-to-aircooling,temperature control independent cooling system
    3 Rated output 268(kW)
    4 Rated speed 2100(r/min)
    5 Max. Torque 1830(N.m)/(1400r/min)
    Transmission case
    1 Model 6WG310 (ZF technology)
    2 Type electro-hydraulic controlled power shift single handle operationautomatic transmission
    3 Gear shift position  6 Forward and 3 reverse gears
    Axle and Tire
    1 Max.drawing force 144kN
    2 Size of tire 18.00-25-28PR
    Working Device Hydraulic System
    1 Model of oil pump  FRR074BLS2520-3S1N2A1
    2 System pressure 25MPa
    3 Model of distribution valve Walvoil DRFC22132 DPX100/5
    Walvoil DRFC22133 DPX100/5
    4 Model of oil motor Eaton 604-1113
    Steering  System
    1 Type ForeTiredeflexion
    2 Model of steering gear Eaton Xcel45-320
    3 System pressure 16MPa
    Brake System
    1 Type of traveling brake Full Hydraulic Wet Brakes
    2 Model of brake pump HPT2-35/HPT1-20/9
    3 System pressure 6.9MPa
    4 Type of parking brake Hydraulically Operated Disc Brake
    Oil Capacity
    1 Fuel(diesel) 540L
    2 Engine lubricating oil 28L
    3 Oil for converter and gear box 35-40L
    4 Oil for hydraulic system 200L
    5 Oil for driving rear axles 35L
    6 Tandem box 2*60L

    Production process

    motor (1)f2i
    motor (2)exm
    motor (3)chg
    motor (4)bxq
    motor (5)j76
    motor (6)aof
    motor (7)lub
    motor (8)4vk
    motor (9)vk0


    shipping (1)110
    shipping (2)qla
    shipping (3)fzp

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