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Dynamic PY180H motor grader: Efficient Performance & Stability

Introducing the PY180H Motor Grader: Power, Precision, and Performance The PY180H motor grader stands tall with its robust 14,500kg operating weight and an impressive 132kW rated output, making it a force to be reckoned with in the grading industry. Let's explore what sets this machine apart:

    Product Feature

    1. Effortless Operation: Equipped with a single-handle electro-hydraulic controlled power-shift transmission featuring 6 forward and 3 reverse shifts, the PY180H ensures smooth and effortless operation. Whether you're navigating tight spaces or tackling expansive terrains, this grader makes every task a breeze.

    2. Enhanced Stability and Traction: Stability and traction are paramount in demanding grading applications, and the PY180H delivers on both fronts. With a hydraulic lock and auto lock/unlock NO-SPIN differential, you can maneuver with confidence even on challenging surfaces, ensuring consistent performance in any environment.

    3. Optimal Axle Load Allocation: Hard surfaces pose no challenge for the PY180H, thanks to its optimal axle load allocation. This feature provides exceptional stability, allowing you to maintain precise control and efficiency throughout the grading process.

    4. Maximized Component Utilization: Efficiency is key, and the PY180H's efficient hydraulic system ensures that every component is utilized to its full potential. Whether you're engaging the blade or applying the brakes, you can count on maximum performance and reliability every time.

    5. Built for Heavy-Duty Work: With a sturdy box-typed frame and advanced transmission, the PY180H is engineered to tackle heavy-duty tasks with ease. Whether you're grading roads, leveling surfaces, or shaping terrain, this grader delivers unparalleled performance and durability.

    6. Versatile Working Range: Adaptability is essential, and the PY180H excels in this regard. Its flexible blade suspension system and articulated frame provide a wide working range, allowing you to tackle a variety of tasks with precision and efficiency.

    The PY180H Motor Grader combines power, precision, and performance, making it the ultimate choice for contractors and operators who demand the best. Experience the difference with the PY180H and unlock new levels of productivity and efficiency in your grading operations.

    Product video

    Product detail diagram


    Customer case

    180h (1)zdt
    180h (2)8fk
    180h (3)wbj
    180h (4)lcd
    180h (5)pw5
    180h (6)qg7

    Product Specification

    Overall Dimension
    1 Length 8820mm
    2 Width 2600mm
    3 Height(To the top of the cab) 3420mm
    4 Wheel base 6100mm
    5 Tread 2120(mm)
    6 Min. turning radius 7.3(m
    Main Technical Specification
    1 Operating weight 14500kg
    2 Blade length 3658mm
    3 Blade height 580mm
    4 Blade width 20mm
    5 Max. lift above ground 450mm
    6 Max. grading depth 535mm
    7 Max. shoulder reach outside rear tire 2000mm
    8 Traveling speed(km/h)6 forward and 3 reverse63

    (1) forward 6.5/11.4/14.6/24.8/30/49.2
    (2) reverse 6.5/14.6/30
    Diesel engine
    1 Model Cummins 6BTA5.9-C180
    2 Type Direct injection. Turbocharged. Water cooling
    3 Rated output 132 kW
    4 Rated speed 2200(r/min)
    5 Max. Torque 750(N.m) at 1300r/min
    Transmission case
    1 Model 6WG180 (ZF technology)
    2 Type power shift, single-shift lever, natural-shift lock device
    3 Gear shift position  6 Forward and 3 reverse gears
    Axle and Tire
    1 Max. drawing force 74.6kN(f=0.75
    2 Size of tire 17.5-25-12PR(standard)
    Working Device Hydraulic System
    1 Model of oil pump(include steering pump) CBGj2045/1025
    2 System pressure 17.5MPa
    3 Model of distribution valve HUSCO  5000
    4 Model of oil motor   EATON, JS-130
    Steering  System
    1 Type Fore Tiredeflexion
    2 Model of steering gear BZZ1-E160B/ FKA-163022
    3 System pressure 16MPa
    Brake System
    1 Type of traveling  brake Hydraulic and inner-expanding brake
    2 Model of brake pump CBGj1016-XF
    3 Oil pressure 10MPa
    4 Type of parking brake Mechanical and inner-expanding brake type
    Oil Capacity
    1 Fuel(diesel) 370L
    2 Engine lubricating oil 17L
    3 Oil for converter and gear box 28L
    4 Oil for hydraulic system 65L
    5 Oil for driving rear axles 18L
    6 Balance box 90L

    Production process

    motor (1)f2i
    motor (2)exm
    motor (3)chg
    motor (4)bxq
    motor (5)j76
    motor (6)aof
    motor (7)lub
    motor (8)4vk
    motor (9)vk0


    shipping (1)110
    shipping (2)qla
    shipping (3)fzp

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