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TS125 All-Terrain Skid Steer - Ultimate Stability & Power

The TS125 crawler type skid steer loader is engineered for superior performance on challenging terrains. Its exceptional stability and load-bearing capacity make it ideal for muddy, uneven, or obstacle-ridden surfaces. With a large ground contact area design, this loader ensures unmatched stability and reliability in harsh working environments.

    Key Features

    1. Strong and Efficient Power Transmission System: Equipped with top-brand engines for strong power, ultra-low emissions, and high fuel efficiency. Static hydraulic drive technology ensures stable and efficient driving performance.

    2. Incomparable Multi-Functionalities: Interchangeable quick-change coupling enables rapid attachment changes, allowing versatility for various tasks.

    3. Solid and Reliable Design: Integral frame with compact structure and optimized critical structural parts for enhanced durability and stability.

    4. Flexible Operations: Automatic bucket leveling during lifting prevents material scattering, enhancing efficiency.

    Additional Options

    Varieties of engine options available.

    Various functions for optional customization.

    Mechanical or hydraulic quick-change mount options.

    Radial lifting with leveling valve for improved material handling.

    Quality Control and After-Sales Service

    PDI certificate ensures quality assurance.

    24/7 online support and free spare parts during warranty.

    Local support provided through distributors.

    One-to-one video meetings with our technical team for urgent issues.

    The TS125 sets the standard for all-terrain skid steer loaders, offering unparalleled stability, power, and reliability for demanding applications.

    Product video

    Product Introduction


    Product Specification

    Overall Dimension
    1 Length(with bucket on ground) 3500(mm)
    2 Width(to outside of crawler) 2141(mm)
    3 Bucket width 2160(mm)
    4 Height(To the top of the cab) 2160(mm)
    5 Crawler width 450(mm)
    6 Min. ground clearance 205(mm)
    Main Technical Specification
    1 Rated load 1500(Kg)
    2 Operating weight 4600KG
    3 Rated bucket capacity 0.8(m3)
    4 Max. breakout force          27kN
    5 Static tipping loads         20kN
    6 Max. dump clearance 2450(mm)
    7 Dump reach 700(mm)
    8 Dump angle at any position 400
    9 Angle of departure 300
    10 Traveling speed(Km/h)1forward and 1 reverse

    (1) forward gear 01218
    (2) reverse gear 01218
    Diesel engine
    1 Model WP4.1G0036/2300rpm/103kw
    3 Rated output 103KW
    Power train Driving system
    1 Model Hydrostatic wheel drive
    2 Type Crawler Type
    3 Model of driving pump Bondioli
    4 Model of driving motors danfos
    5 Size of tirel 450*86
    6 Charge pressure 24.8bar
    7 System pressure 30MPa
    Working Device Hydraulic System
    1 Model of oil pump Standard JIYUAN 32 gear pump
    CASAPPA Optional
    2 System pressure 22MPa
    3 Model of distribution valve 9610-C87HUSCO
    4 Model of Leveling valve TGPJF15-60/120
    5 (D*L)Dimension of lifting cylinder Ф80*45*790(mm)
    6 (D*L)Dimension of tilting cylinder Ф80*45*365(mm)
    Brake System
    1 Type of traveling  brake Traveling brake depend on static hydraulic tow of close-circuit hydraulic system

    2 Type of parking brake Traveling motors within brake actuated via  operating  solenoid valve
    Oil Capacity
    1 Fuel(diesel) 90(L)
    2 Engine lubricating oil 10(L)
    3 Oil for chain boxone side) 5.7(L)
    4 Oil for hydraulic system 90(L)

    Production process

    process (1)l0b
    process (2)fcg
    process (3)tcc
    process (4)9j4
    process (5)pcp
    process (6)b66
    process (7)obp
    process (8)xft
    process (9)26y


    unit (1)s7b
    unit (2)j9t
    unit (3)hn2
    unit (4)wku
    unit (5)7de
    unit (6)sx5
    unit (7)u4b
    unit (8)wxo
    unit (9)d61

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