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Versatile 275F Skid Loader - Custom Options Available

The 275F Skid Steer Loader, equipped with a reliable XINCHAI engine, offers exceptional performance and versatility. Its bucket automatic leveling ability and double-handle control for loading and traveling ensure ease of use and reliability. This series is designed for customers requiring high customization, offering advanced options such as air conditioning, high-flow hydraulic pumps, pilot operations, and more to handle harsh working environments.

    Special features include low-temperature start systems and three-stage air filters, ensuring optimal performance in diverse conditions. The hydraulic quick-change frame allows for rapid and safe attachment changes, while the design enhancements, like the rear cabin door and upper cover, improve maintenance convenience and reduce downtime. Safety features include a reverse image system and a bucket & arm safety lock.

    Strong and Efficient Power Transmission System

    Equipped with a renowned brand engine for strong power, ultra-low emission, and higher fuel efficiency.

    Static hydraulic drive technology ensures stable drive, high efficiency, and reliability.

    Fully-sealed sprocket case and high-strength chains feature automatic lubrication and maintenance-free operation.

    Incomparable Multi-Functionalities

    International interchangeable quick-change coupling enables rapid attachment changes, including sweeper, planer, breaking hammer, and ditcher, for versatile applications.

    Solid and Reliable Design

    Integral frame with a compact structure and high firmness ensures reliability. Critical structural parts are optimized through finite element analysis for reasonable stress distribution.

    Flexible Operations

    Automatic bucket leveling during lifting prevents material scattering, enhancing working efficiency.

    Customer case

    wheel (1)plh
    wheel (1)6x0
    wheel (2)myl
    wheel (3)rl4
    wheel (4)z10
    wheel (5)n9x
    wheel (6)iw0
    wheel (7)jc0
    wheel (9)sol

    Product video

    Product Specification

    Overall Dimension
    1 Length(with bucket on ground)() 3490(mm)
    2 Width(to outside of wheels)() 1850(mm)
    3 Bucket width 1890(mm)
    4 Height(To the top of the cab)() 2260(mm)
    5 Wheel base 1085(mm)
    6 Tread 1500(mm)
    7 Min. ground clearance 205(mm)
    Main Technical Specification
    1 Rated load 1050(Kg)
    2 Operating weight 3400KG
    3 Rated bucket capacity 0.53(m3)
    4 Max. breakout force          27kN
    5 Static tipping loads         20kN
    6 Max. dump clearance 2550(mm)
    7 Dump reach 700(mm)
    8 Dump angle at any position 400
    9 Angle of departure 300
    10 Digging depth(with bucket bottom horizontal) 0(mm)
    11 Min. turning radius

    (1) Outside of bucket 2230(mm)
    (2) Outside of front wheel 1204(mm)

    (3) outside of frame tail 1706 (mm)
    12 Lifting time of bucket ≤4.2(sec.)
    13 Lowering time of bucket ≤2.5(sec.)
    14 Dumping time ≤2.6(sec.)
    15 Traveling speed(Km/h)1forward and 1 reverse11

    (1) forward gear 012
    (2) reverse gear 012
    Diesel engine
    1 Model XINCHAI A498BZG
    2 Type Direct injection. Turbocharged. Water cooling
    3 Rated output 55 (kW)/2500rpm
    4 No-bore of cylinder/stroke/ 498×105(mm)
    5 Total exhaust of cylinder 3.17L)
    6 Voltage of starting moto 12(V)
    7 Rated speed 2500(r/min)
    8 Max. Torque 250.M)/175pm
    9 Starting type Electric
    Driving system
    1 Model Hydrostatic four wheel drive
    2 Type Driving pumptraveling motorChain driving
    3 Model of driving motors MCR5A470(Rexroth)
    4 Type of chain driving Double row chain driving
    5 Ratio of chain driving 33:11:00
    6 Model of chain 20A-1X62
    7 Size of tire 12-16.5NHS-10PR L-2B
    8 Charge pressure 24.8bar
    9 System pressure 30MPa
    Working Device Hydraulic System
    1 Model of oil pump EATON
    2 System pressure 21MPa
    3 Model of distribution valve HC-SK6/3 hgdrocontrol
    4 Model of Leveling valve TGPJF15-60/120
    5 (D*L)Dimension of lifting cylinder Ф70*40*790(mm)
    6 (D*L)Dimension of tilting cylinder Ф80*40*365(mm)
    Brake System
    1 Type of traveling  brake Traveling brake depend on static hydraulic tow of close-circuit hydraulic system

    2 Type of parking brake Traveling motors within brake actuated via  operating  solenoid valve
    Oil Capacity
    1 Fuel(diesel) 90(L)
    2 Engine lubricating oil 10(L)
    3 Oil for chain boxone side 5.7(L)
    4 Oil for hydraulic system 65(L)

    Production process

    process (1)l0b
    process (2)fcg
    process (3)tcc
    process (4)9j4
    process (5)pcp
    process (6)b66
    process (7)obp
    process (8)xft
    process (9)26y


    unit (1)s7b
    unit (2)j9t
    unit (3)hn2
    unit (4)wku
    unit (5)7de
    unit (6)sx5
    unit (7)u4b
    unit (8)wxo
    unit (9)d61

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