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Dynamic 732T Motor Grader for Heavy-Duty Operations

With excellent and stable dynamic performance, imported original Cummins M11 engine has adequate power margin. German ZF electrically controlled hydraulic tiptronic has 6 forward speeds and 3 back ward speeds. It is easily controlled and the operation of it is quite handy and labour-saving.

    Product Feature

    There is a proportion differential in the original imported drive rear axle. This guarantees that when wheels on one side slip, wheels on the other side still can have enough traction. Middle and rear wheels are equipped with the planet type reducer. Performance of working is stable and reliable.

    Using gear transmission, balance box can transmit the power smoothly and has reliable performance.

    Front axle is steering driven axle. Front axle bridge uses cascade welding structure. Biggest turning angles of inside and outside are both 50 ° . Wide swing angle of bridge and slant angle of front wheels make the front axle more adaptive for the bad road condition. Therefore the precision of flattening of the road is much higher.

    Owning to double-circuit motor brake and wet-type multi - gear clutch, 732T grader brake smoothly, safely and reliably and can avoid maintenance and adjustments. (the original imported brake valve and pressure-limiting valve).

    Automatic spring loaded parking brake system makes grader safer. Equipped with the accumulator, it will alarm automatically on the condition of low inner pressure, and work as emergency brake when the grader fails in parking.

    As a result of full-hy draulic constant - current steering system, turning speed can't be affected by engine speed. And it is parallelled with emergency steering pump and steering pump. So when the engine cut out unexpectedly, the emergency steering pump will immediately work to maintain the normal work of the system. Therefore, the reliability of system's working can be greatly improved.

    732T grader uses company - owned patent of blade rotary worm-gear box ( patent no. : ZL 01 2 32115. X). Blade rotary worm-gear box is equipped with the overload protection clutch. When blade overload, the coupling slips in order to eliminate the excessive load of spare parts

    Working hydraulic system is controlled by constant pressure. Load sensitive control system (imlet variable pump ) lessens heat productivity and saves the energy consumption.

    Working cushion device is equipped in the pipe of left and right lifting cylinder. If the blade is suddenly collided while working, over-high confining pressure in the hydraulic system will force the cylinder lifting the blade to avoid collision. Thus the abnormally over-large load can't have any effect on the spare parts and it prevents the accident of spare parts damaging at the time of collision with the huge stone while road construction of mine area.

    Building up a comfortable environment by capacious driver cab, broad-minded view, instrument monitoring, three-stage alarm manipulating components located according to human engineering desin, three - direction adjustable seat, control console shifted according to the need of driver and etc. The cab has the function of falling object protective structures ( FOPS) and roll over protection system (ROPS).

    Product video

    Product detail diagram

    320 (1)23r
    320 (2)icb
    320 (3)zwb
    320 (4)3yc
    320 (5)fbb
    320 (6)lp1
    320 (7)twp
    320 (8)xxd
    320 (9)143
    320 (10)seg
    320 (11)ftq
    320 (12)1v4
    320 (13)2lp
    320 (14)iah
    320 (15)y6b

    Customer case


    Product Specification

    Overall Dimension
    1 Length 12500mm
    2 Width 3300mm
    3 Height(To the top of the cab)() 3700mm
    4 Wheel base 7760mm
    5 Tread 2650mm
    6 Min. turning radius 9000mm
    Main Technical Specification
    1 Operating weight 28000kg
    2 Blade length 4620mm
    3 Blade height 695mm
    4 Blade width 20mm
    5 Max. lift above ground 515mm
    6 Max. grading depth 735mm
    7 Max. shoulder reach outside rear tire 2260mm(R)/1950mm(L)
    8 Traveling speed(Km/h)6 forward and 3 reverse

    (1) forward 5.5、8.613.320.32943
    (2) reverse 5.5、13.329
    Diesel engine
    1 Model Cummins QSM11-C330
    2 Type EFI,turbocharger,air-to-air cooling,temperature control independent cooling system
    3 Rated output 246(kW)
    4 Rated speed 2100(r/min)
    5 Max. Torque 1674(N.m)/(1400r/min)
    Transmission case
    1 Model 6WG260 (ZF technology)
    2 Type electro-hydraulic controlled power shift single handle operation,automatic transmission
    3 Gear shift position  6 Forward and 3 reverse gears
    Axle and Tire
    1 Max. drawing force 144kN
    2 Size of tire 18.00-25-28PR
    Working Device Hydraulic System
    1 Model of oil pump  RR074BLS2520-3S1N2A1
    2 System pressure 25MPa
    3 Model of distribution valve Walvoil DRFC22132 DPX100/5
    Walvoil DRFC22133 DPX100/5
    4 Model of oil motor Eaton 604-1113
    Steering  System
    1 Type Fore Tiredeflexion
    2 Model of steering gear Eaton Xcel45-320
    3 System pressure 16MPa
    Brake System
    1 Type of traveling brak Full Hydraulic Wet Brakes
    2 Model of brake pump HPT2-35/HPT1-20/9
    3 System pressure 6.9MPa
    4 Type of parking brake Hydraulically Operated Disc Brake
    Oil Capacity
    1 Fuel(diesel) 540L
    2 Engine lubricating oil 28L
    3 Oil for converter and gear box 35-40L
    4 Oil for hydraulic system 200L
    5 Oil for driving rear axles 35L
    6 Tandem box 2*60L

    Production process

    motor (1)f2i
    motor (2)exm
    motor (3)chg
    motor (4)bxq
    motor (5)j76
    motor (6)aof
    motor (7)lub
    motor (8)4vk
    motor (9)vk0


    shipping (1)110
    shipping (2)qla
    shipping (3)fzp

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